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They call us the Believers. Shapers. Energizers. Pioneers. They call us Umicore. This is who we are.

They call us the Believers. Shapers. Energizers. Pioneers.

They call us Umicore. This is who we are.

At Umicore we create materials that provide solutions to today’s global problems. Reducing harmful emissions from vehicles and factories. Giving new life to used metals in our recycling facilities. Powering the cars and technologies of the future through our innovative battery materials. Our focus is on clean mobility, recycling and sustainable technology. Everything we do, we do with purpose, to make progress for a sustainable future.

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“At Umicore, we are connected by a shared purpose. Not just for ourselves, but for everyone.”

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At Umicore we are all driven by the opportunity to work on technologies that will benefit future generations. We aim to lead the way not just for our customers but for our employees too. That is why we strive to create a collaborative environment in which we can all succeed, and a culture through which we can all share ideas, develop our expertise, and advance our careers incorporating our key values in everything we do. We engage in building an inclusive work culture that offers equal opportunities for all employees irrespective of their diverse backgrounds.

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“Together we find new ways and new solutions. We share ideas and make progress.”

A Top Employer in Belgium

For 14 consecutive years, we have been named Top Employer in Belgium. Every year the Top Employer Institute researches employers worldwide and awards them with a Top Employer certification if they offer an excellent working environment. We earned the certification for the career development possibilities within Umicore, our focus on work-life balance and the attractive benefits you get with signing a working agreement with our company.

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“Umicore values my work-life balance. Happiness at work and at home.”
“At Umicore, we are all different, but we walk the same path for a sustainable future.”